What is Daydoc

Daydoc® is a digital healthcare platform that acts as an interface between patients and doctors. The app enables patients to fix appointments with the doctors without the hassle of wasting time in a waiting room.

Daydoc® is a virtual healthcare infrastructure developed by Medgator Healthcare, making the conventional hospital and outpatient care system, digital. Our aim is to provide affordable healthcare services for illness, wellness and preventive medicine to anyone with a smartphone, bridging the gap between the people and the hospital.

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Daydoc® offers the convenience of avoiding crowded hospitals, skipping the waiting line at a medical store and the complete trust of having the doctor diagnose you in your own personal space at home. Through the app, the patient is connected to everything including finding the right doctor, medications delivered at their doorstep, blood collection from the comfort of their home and tracking their health records instantly. 


Why Use Daydoc

This is a digital healthcare system developed by doctors for patient’s welfare.


Developed by Doctors


Verified Experienced Multispecialists


Trusted and Ethical Practice


Seamless Integration


Track Digital Health Records


Data Highly Secure


- Health Check Packages tailored for your specific needs.

- Quick and Easy payment options.

- Our Daydoc® Specialists are experienced senior doctors.

- Save time and effort by skipping traffic congestion, long waiting hours and multiple follow up visits.

- One-stop app for all medical care - from Doctor visit, blood collection, and medicines delivered at their doorstep, to help you and your family stay in the pink of health.

- This platform benefits patients by avoiding the need to take leave from work.

- Personal Health records digitized and securely stored in your Daydoc® account for easy access anywhere, anytime.

- Reviving the traditional family healthcare.